In the day job today, I went to an SPSS event hosted by IBM. SPSS, for those of you who don’t know what SPSS is, is a statistical software package.

In talking about datasets and modelling scenarios, analysts, statisticians and economists build models on the assumption of perfect conditions and why real life isn’t perfect. One of IBM’s analysts gave the example of perfect conditions in the credit industry, in that under perfect conditions no one would default and the role of an analyst would be redundant because there would be no need to investigate why some people defaulted where others did not.

This got me thinking (always a bad idea) about perfect conditions and that under perfect conditions no one would need credit and, to take it to the logical extreme, there would be no need for markets, society or, indeed, life.

Imperfection is part of the human condition and is the basis for everything. However, as imperfect creatures we must strive for perfection. This perfection seeking element to human behaviour creates growth, innovation and dynamism in economies. All the beautiful (and ugly) creations of man has been born of this desire to be perfect.

That’s why imperfection is beautiful.