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I confess, I have an obsession with statistics and undertaking experiments. The latest of these was with the National Lottery. I already know that the ideal number of lottery tickets to buy for one night is 9. This is because, even if you only get the minimum win of £10, you will make a profit and increase you chances of winning.

I’ve done some analysis of winning lottery numbers and regular numbers and chose my numbers accordingly. Those were…. the most regular numbers (appearing at least 15% of the time since 2002). Unfortunately, having played only 4 times I can’t be certain of accuracy as I would need to play at least 85 times to get a positive result.

But from the 4 times I did play, I had at least 1 number (no more than 2) appear in the final result. Will the ideal numbers pay dividends? You’ll have to give me the money to find out….