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Today the BBC and The Guardian have run features on foodbanks. Currently a growth sector, foodbanks have doubled in number and service users have doubled too in the last year.

Even though the current numbers of service users are relatively small, only 128,000, the trend is worrying. Doubling in the last year. If that trend continues there will be over 500,000 service users by 2015/16.

The Trussell Trust, the largest foodbank network from which the statistics are supplied, indicate that the majority of its users are families and individuals on low incomes who are being squeezed by the combination of static wages and inflation. Couple that with increasing unemployment and a return to recession and you have the recipe for disaster. Depression and social unrest are just two examples of the impact of this trend.

Back in 2008 I predicted that the following years after the crash would be similar to the 1930s. I am coming to the realisation that my prediction is unfortunately correct. I should not need to remind anyone of the consequences of the 1929 Wall Street Crash – the Great Depression, political extremism, etc., culminating in total war. I hope that my prediction was not that correct, but I do hope that policy makers will soon realise the enormity of the problem.