Bee Movie is full of jokes – including communism.

Bees are incredibly busy creatures who only know one thing – the production of honey (and associated activities, such as pollination). It transpires, when a young bee named Barry becomes disillusioned with his hive and goes exploring, that humans steal honey from bees. Slave bees.

A court trial takes place and all the honey must be returned to the bees. With so much honey the bees don’t need to work. They get lazy, they get disillusioned and plants start dying because they’re not being pollinated.

The product had been handed over to a section which did not know how to responsibly manage the mode of production. Whilst it was morally right to abolish slavery, the confiscation of the honey supply was morally wrong as it took away purpose for the bees through an over supply of honey without any external trade to keep bees in employment.

Instead of “honey for bees” the bees should have argued for payment of their product so that everyone wins. Bees aren’t slaves, bees are kept in employment, humans have honey and flowers remain pollinated.

In the end the bees realise that their settlement was substandard and end up going back to business as usual.