The Guerrilla Economist participates in covert and subversive warfare against economic orthodoxies.


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  1. Jeffrey M Stone said:

    How To Achieve An Economic Revolution
    by Jeffrey M Stone, MA Economics

    For the purposes of this discussion “Haves” fall into one of two categories:

    1. Individuals whose net worth, all accumulated through lawful means, exceeds 1M USD. Included in this category are people such as investors, doctors, and politicians whose net worth exceeds 1M USD.

    2. All individuals or entities (gangs, companies, cartels, etc.) gaining wealth through illegal means. Included in this category are organized crime, other growers/suppliers/sellers of currently illegal drugs, and corrupt politicians.

    When one examines the balance sheets of those running industries emitting CO2 and poisoning water it is evident the “Haves” are responsible for almost all of the world’s pollution. Not so obvious are industries such as large agricultural which contribute large amounts of methane to the atmosphere.

    There are also industries that use natural resources inefficiently if alternative use of the same resources could benefit far greater numbers of people. For example, a recent documentary asserted that more than half of the world’s undernourished could be fed on the grain currently used to feed cattle, pigs, and poultry.

    Through the following actions the world’s “Have Nots” can be afforded food, clean water, and free health care:

    1. Require each countries’ armed forces to take on organized crime, seize their assets, and place the assets on account with a newly established World Asset Redistribution (WAR) agency administered by the leaders of the world’s religions.

    2. Place a $1,000,000 USD limit on the net worth of everyone on earth. Put their current excess worth on account with the WAR agency.

    3. Produce, distribute, and sell at-cost currently “illegal” drugs. (This will put organized crime out of business, reduce the bloodshed currently involved, lower the price, improve drug quality, and recognize the fact that some people will be addicts whether the drugs are illegal or legal.) Return the savings in law enforcement and incarceration to the WAR agency.

    4. Require companies to provide living wages and safe working conditions to their employees while only charging enough to cover costs including R&D.

    5. Impose polluters tax on carbon producers including on the methane produced by the agricultural industry. Place revenues in the WAR account.

    6. Use the WAR funds to provide health care, legal drugs, clean water, physicians services, and grains (not meat) to Have Nots in need.

    Q & A

    Q Does this eliminate capitalism and incentive to create?
    A No, it still allows individuals to accumulate $1M in assets.

    Q Does this change countries’ methods of governance (i.e. democracy,
    dictatorship, etc)?
    A No, that is not realistic. But even dictatorships could accept the action items while retaining non-economic power (the ability to control others, wage war, etc). Excess assets, not political power would be redistributed.

    Q Are these action items possible?
    A Only if the Have Nots (estimated at 90% of the world’s population) insist.

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